How to get a 360° process right for everyone in the organisation – especially when they are all so different?!

We’ve been battling this week with a client of ours, well it feels like a battle,  actually we just bumped into a degree of resistance from the very top guy. However, this resistance lead to him not completing his 360 review on himself or his 2 direct reports and the impact was extraordinary. All our timelines had to be shifted including personal feedback sessions, cancellation charges and a project review meeting. The HR Director got quite upset and we all took time and energy to work out what to do!

This organisation has spent a year and about £35K developing a brand new competency model and turning it into a high-tech on-line 360 system suitable for all its employees. These range from low-level assistants with little education through highly articulate world-leaders in a specialist  area, right to the top players who are supremely intelligent, well-educated, charming, well-spoken (as only the English can do?!) – they are politically astute, brilliant and, quite frankly, famous. But – it appears, they are rather more keen on the concept of others using an online system to gather perfect feedback than they are about filling in a survey themselves. The solution? Well – we printed out the surveys in largish text and had them taken over to the PA so she could use her well-honed powers of persuasion to get the job done. We await their completion eagerly…

Learning point for us? – make friends with the CEO’s PA much earlier!


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