360 Degree Feedback Challenging 10 common views in Best Practice.

This paper looks at the question – Is Best Practice always best when it comes to 360° feedback? If you are thinking of introducing 360° feedback into your organisation you will be aware of the plethora of advice out there about how to do it right. This advice comes in many shapes and sizes; best practice from the CIPD, academic research papers, advice from suppliers, words of wisdom from past users… It can be confusing and even contradictory.

We at Talent Innovations have combined the ten most commonly sighted insights from all of the above and accompanied it with a vital component – experience. Our Managing Director has over 20 years of experience designing, implementing, training on the use of, and providing feedback on the output of 360° feedback tools worldwide. Talent Innovations uses 360° for performance management and development in public and private sector organisations such as Sony and Oracle. Our focus is not just on implementing an effective tool, but is on facilitating transformation through our tools. This paper is the first in a forthcoming series that will explore just how to harness the full benefits of 360 in your organisation.

Why not download our paper here!

And here are links to each of the parts:

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