Staged comedy and the 360 degree appraisal…

While the link between the comedian and actor, Alan Davies, and the effectivness of the 360 degree appraisal tool might not seem obvious at first, if you read the rest of this blog it should become completely clear…
You may have read in the paper this week that Davies has criticised comedy programmes that give the illusion of being ‘live stand-up’, when in fact they are being carefully cut and cropped by crafty editors to give the illusion of a rollercoaster show of non-stop laughs and insanely funny gags. In the Times report Davies explains that it’s “like a football match with every shot on target”, and just not a fair portrayal of stand-up comedy. And this got me thinking about one of the key reasons that we implement our 360 degree appraisal tools – directors, senior managers, team leaders and department heads suddenly realise that what may seem like a motivated and engaged workforce or team of people, may not actually be performing like one.
So where are the gaps? Where are the loose ends? Who isn’t happy? And, more to the point, what’s causing the problem?
And this is especially important at times of change, and even more important during times of economic hardship. Implementing a change policy is one thing, but when you have scary newspaper headlines indicating that anyone in a job is in a good spot, there is no doubt that employees will smile and nod, despite the way the company makes them feel.
Impacting on behaviour is crucial is real change and positive change is to be introduced, and it is up to company heads to ensure that they are effectively taking the temperature of their business and understand the culture and character of that business.
The fact is, just like carefully edited television programmes, workplaces can give one impression but play out another, and until tools are used to drill into the behaviour of that organisation and generate the kind of data that produces an accurate personality reading, the majority will, sadly, continue to blindly underperform.

If you want to hear more about the way that the Talent Innovations 360 Degree tool can assess the behaviour of your organisation or team, click here and email us your details and any questions – we’ll get back to you

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