Insights from Santa’s 360° report

In the run-up to Christmas, your talented employees may be under additional stress, which could affect not only their own performance but also that of their team. Can 360° feedback help? Well, one individual, deemed critical to his organisation, who always faces extreme pressure at this time of year, is Santa Claus. He’s shared with us his 360° feedback report, in which he’s been rated by his manager (Mrs Claus), some unnamed reindeer, anonymous elves and the Grinch.

As you might expect, Santa’s strengths are his use of positive language, the credible image he presents and his ability to perform under pressure. On the downside, he isn’t open to new ways of doing things, he lacks awareness of financial and commercial issues and he doesn’t delegate. Thanks to some targeted development programmes and executive coaching, Santa is not only enjoying an improved relationship with the Grinch, he’s also been able to enhance productivity by changing the way he manages the elves and the reindeer.

Commenting on his feedback, Santa said: “My last 360° report showed I was ‘living in a snow globe bubble’ but since then my coaching has been fantastic and I really feel I am improving.” On his management style, he added: “I was treating the elves unfairly in comparison with the reindeer. I have tried my best to include everyone as I love them all equally. I’m still not great at empowering others but I’m working on it with my coach. Now, I feel we’re the best team we have ever been.”

The comments made by his raters give an insight into the challenges Santa faces. For example: “Santa has had some tricky issues with the naughty and nice list. He needs to watch out that he doesn’t promise anything unrealistic without consulting the elves who do the actual work.”

To read Santa’s 360° feedback report, click here

Do you have any suggestions of how Santa can improve his effectiveness? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.


Elva Ainsworth

One thought on “Insights from Santa’s 360° report

  1. Like many ‘star’ employees, Santa has to realise he can’t keep trying to do everything himself. Working on his ability to delegate should be a development priority over the coming year. He may fear losing his status as the ‘father’ of Christmas but further coaching could help him see the benefit of allowing others to take on some of his deliveries.

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