Get a rounded picture of your talent

When it comes to talent management, many organisations invest a vast amount of time and effort in developing people who can step up to become the senior leaders of the future. But what if you’re not identifying the right people in the first place?
A raft of ability and personality tests, simulations and interviews are typically used to identify talent. But these mostly indicate how an individual could perform. What’s really important, and is often overlooked, is how do they perform in this particular context? Performance reviews help but if you really want to identify who are your most talented people, you need to understand how they deliver in terms of relationships and results.
Our work can only be as good as our relationships as we all have to inspire, influence, empathise and communicate with others and the better we can do these things, the more effective we’ll be. The ability to interact with people should therefore be a key factor in how organisations evaluate their talent.
To understand how people are ‘seen’ within an organisation – and how effectively they interact with others – the most effective tool is 360° feedback. Other measures may show you what is possible and why certain patterns are emerging but 360° feedback alone will tell you how an individual relates to all the most important people for their job right now. That’s why many of today’s top companies use 360° feedback in talent management.

Elva Ainsworth

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