Talent Innovations and Persona GLOBAL® announce new partnership for the global distribution of a unique 360 degree feedback product

A breakthrough for global businesses…..

In many businesses across the world December is year-end appraisal and review time.   For clients of Persona GLOBAL®’s network of 1400 certified professional trainers and consultants based in 71 countries there is a new opportunity for their teams to take advantage of a just-launched multi-source peer review product Inspiring Leader Breakthrough.  This product is unique to the Persona GLOBAL®  network having been developed by Talent Innovations, global experts in 360 degree feedback.  Inspiring Leader Breakthrough is specifically designed to facilitate transformation and to develop skills in feedback and development planning.

It is increasingly recognised that the best companies for leadership give all employees at every level of an organization the opportunity to develop and practice the capabilities needed to lead others.  Inspiring Leader Breakthrough has been selected by Persona GLOBAL® as their 1st 360 degree feedback product offer to sit within their Leadership and Management Teams & Coaching Series.  Inspiring Leader Breakthrough utilises a unique perspective on leadership competencies permitting all participants a new self-awareness to create commitment and clarity about change on their path to leadership positions.  “The robustness of the Inspiring Leader Breakthrough leadership model and Talent Innovations commitment to development appealed to the Persona Global team.  These strengths match our clients’ desires to be amongst the best companies for leadership” commented Jon Gornstein, CEO Persona GLOBAL®.

Elva Ainsworth
Elva Ainsworth – Founder Talent Innovations

Talent Innovations online 360 feedback questionnaire has been integrated to Persona GLOBAL®’s own software platform meaning that Inspiring Leader Breakthrough now has the potential to be implemented across 71 countries with simplicity and efficiency.  A simple and effective solution for international and global organisations looking to develop their teams across the world.  Elva Ainsworth, Founder Talent Innovations added “We first met Persona GLOBAL ® at ASTD and we were immediately impressed by the level of leadership expertise and knowledge of the team.  The ethos of their business which is to bring about transformational change fits with our vision which is to enable organisations to be empowering and engaging with truly authentic leaders.  We are delighted to be able to offer Inspiring leader Breakthrough to the Persona GLOBAL® network”.

For more information about Inspiring Leader Breakthrough please visit http://www.personaglobal.com/admin/material/facts/contents/(ILB)InspiringLeader.pdf

For more information about the Talent Innovations Inspiring Leader competency model please take a look at http://www.talentinnovations.com/s145/

About Talent Innovations – Founded in 2001, Talent Innovations provides 360° feedback for development and a set of online developmental tools to help organisations achieve transformational change by improving the performance of their people. For further information about Talent Innovations, please call Alicen Stenner on 0845 3623269 or email alicen@talentinnovations.co.uk

About Persona GLOBAL® Persona GLOBAL® Inc., is a management consultancy which services clients directly while providing robust, field-tested methodologies and metrics to OD practitioners.   With over 1400 certified professionals based in 71 countries the results driven methodologies and metrics are locally adapted to ensure cultural acceptance.   Since 1980, Persona GLOBAL® has been both a direct management consultancy as well as the hub of a network of organizational development practitioners providing robust, field-tested performance solutions and survey instrumentation.

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