6 ways to motivate staff and colleagues to take part in 360 degree feedback appraisals

Implementing a 360 degree feedback process is an investment in more ways than one. It needs financial commitment and a dedicated amount of time, energy and participation from your colleagues and staff members. In reality, encouraging those around you to see the benefits of the process is the first step in 360 degree feedback – only once you have achieved this goal can you move on to the next stage.

Here, we’ve outlined 6 ways you can confidently and professionally promote 360 degree feedback in your business; encouraging those around you to be as dedicated to the process as you are.

Find Out What People Want

Make it clear that 360 degree feedback is not something that is being done to staff. On the contrary, it is being done with them to achieve the goal of strengthening and improving internal relationships and processes that could make their working lives easier.

As an agent of transformation and change, it is your role to find out what people want from the process. Talk to people in a strategic order; starting with those most intrigued by the 360 degree process and using their support to promote the process to more reluctant participants.

Pilot the process with sympathetic senior leaders in your organisation to gauge the main concerns or reservations. At the same time, engage as many people as possible in reviewing questions and the design of the feedback survey to ensure their views are heard.

Instil a Sense of Ownership and Control

Give those involved in the 360 degree feedback a sense of control and ownership over the process. This could be by allowing them to write their own questions or simply asking for their input and advice. Individuals who see their input being used in a constructive, positive manner are more likely to be active participants at the later stages.

But Don’t Offer Complete Control…

By its very nature, the 360 degree feedback process needs management, control, structure and order; too many cooks can spoil the broth. The process may not be fully understood by everyone and that’s okay. People do not have to be fully conscious of each part of the process for the result to occur.

Make a Strong Case for the Investment

Communicate with senior managers and leaders to explain how the process will align with the businesses actual priorities. Work carefully to position 360 degree feedback as a valuable tool for everyone, not just from a HR perspective.

Offer Clear Privacy and Confidentiality

Make it clear to participants that you will protect their confidentiality and ensure their data remains private at all times. If they feel like a comment may ‘come back to haunt them’ they are less likely to be honest, resulting in weaker and less effective feedback. Reiterate your dedication to privacy at multiple stages so ensure confidence remains high.

Ensure Timely Communications and Feedback

If you’re making certain promises it is crucial to deliver in a timely fashion. If participants have completed their surveys but they don’t receive their feedback until six months later, they are likely to have forgotten what the purpose of the exercise was, the questions they were posed and the answers they gave. Create a timetable and share this with the necessary participants at an early stage so everyone knows how long the process will take and when they are expected to meet for their feedback sessions.

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